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IKON Powder Coating, Inc
“The Powder Coating Professionals”
Strict automotive industry specifications can be met with our clean work environment and quality management systems.  Automotive parts from the smallest bracket or entire frames can be coated.
Building Panels, Fences, Hand Rails, Benches, and Planters are some of the many current uses of powder coating for architectural applications.
Our quick and efficient conveyor system allows our team to control all variables in the finishing process to achieve a quality finish every time.  Aluminum, Steel, and casted parts are processed in medium to high volume.
Medical & Safety
Our strict quality and processing controls allow us to apply finishes for temperature sensitive materials used for Medical & Safety applications.
Functional Pipe
Great care is taken at IKON to apply a strong barrier to protect metals from the environment and add lasting beauty to YOUR finished product.
IKON's state-of-the-art systems can handle large heavy parts that require functional high technology coatings for Water, Oil, Power, and Chemical applications.