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IKON Powder Coating, Inc
“The Powder Coating Professionals”
“Finishing Standards and Finishing Specifications” Why Standards and Specifications? Standards and specifications are typically combined to establish procedures, properties, and quantifiable quality measurements relevant to the substrate materials, finishing processes and end-use requirements. Standards in the coating industry exist in the form of compositional or performance types for coatings and as procedural standards for application and are based on a variety of relevant testing data.
“Care and Maintenance of Powder Coated Finishes” @ www.PowderFinshingConsultants.com What can we do to prolong the life of the finish in the field? Powder Coating Provides Decorative and Protective Value to Metal Products.  It is no surprise that organic finishing (powder coating) of metal products that are exposed to the weathering conditions such as sun, rain, wind, pollution, freezing cold, salt water and a host of other conditions will degrade over time....In fact it would be surprising if coatings did not degrade over time to some degree when exposed to the direct effect of Mother Nature in any climate or region.
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